2019-09-25, 04, Front of House

Our Snowflake House

2020-06-16, 02, Tree in front of House

Gold Canyon Plants

Modifications made to the Snowflake  House this year

2020-08-02, 09, Rear Porch Sewer Cover Planter 04 New WN Cornner Plants 2020-07-01, 02, Rear Porch with Pergola on deck 2020-08-02, 10, Rear Porch Sewer Cover Planter
W Well Around Tree 02

Rear Porch - Irrigation System Finished - Porch Planters - Pergola - Sewer Cover - Tree Water Wells

2019-09-25, 20, The Drive Way 2020-08-25, 02, Basalt Drive Way

Redone the Driveway
1. Removed the 18 tons of colored river rock, and filled in / racked out the rock on the North side of the house
2. Had 44 tons of Basalt rock laid out over the driveway (This rock interlocks much better, Motorcycle).

2020-08-07, 02, Concrete Pads & Rock for RV Jacks 2020-08-07, 03, RV Up on Concrete Pads 2020-08-07, 04, RV Up on Concrete Pads
2020-09-23, 01, Hot Water System 2020-09-23, 02, Hot Water System 2020-09-23, 03, Hot Water Heating Before 2020-09-23, 04, Hot Water Heating

RV Support Pad
(4) Concrete pads were added to support the RV during storage
The concrete will distribute the constrated weight (A min of 2' Dia)

2021-10-15, 01, Furnace

Hot Water System
When we would come up during the winter we had a problem with too many zones coming up at once.
The Boiler would run at fill blast for 22 hours, waste of fuel. So a developed a way to only run one zove at a time
This Keep the Hot water temperature at 140 F (Maximum Efficiency), when the return water reached 110 F
another zone would be activated. The ordered of zone priority is based on current time of day.
Also the the temperatures and zone activation would be recorded on the cloud.