2022-01-09, 001, House from the East

Our Snowflake house and
Neighborhood seen from above,  January

2022-09-05, 006, House looking from the NE, Snowflake, AZ

Our Snowflake house and
Neihborhood seen from above, September

2022-09-04, 002, House Looking from the E

Our Snowflake house seen,
from groung level, September

2022-01-08, 005, Brittle Bush, Gold Canyon, AZ

Our Gold Canyon house and
Neighborhood seen from above

Modifications made to the Snowflake House this year

2022-09-20, 01, Fireplace, Living Room


2022-09-20, 002, Heat Pump Roof Mounted


2022-03-31. 02, Island Counter Top

Kitchen Island

2022-09-20, 02, Plum Trees

Plum Trees

2022-07-14, 001, Rabbits on Sewer Cover


Modifications made to the Gold Canyon House this year