2019-07-03, 04, House Front

As Purchased in July 2019

2019-09-06, 06, House from the South-East

Our House in Sept

2019-09-25, 04, Front of House

Our House in Oct

2019-02-23, 01, Snow in Gold Canyon, AZ

Gold Canyon Snow

Modifications made to the Snowflake House this year

2019-09-06, 06, House from the South-East Front Area Roses 2 South Side of House c West side of Garage b Driveway b

Outside Modifications - Front Lawn, Front Area, South Side, West Side, Driveway

Irrigation System Rear Porch b

Rear Porch Irrigation System

1. The existing irrigation system was expanded by installing another three values in an underground box midway on the south side of the house.
2. Two 1" irrigation lines were trenched under ground to a point midway to the rear porch side, one for the porch irrigation another five future trees.
3. Then a 1/2 inch irrigation line was trenched across the entire rear porch and back to each West was corners of the rear porch.
4. Adjustable dribblers were installed at the root base of both trees and in each West corner for future planters.
5. Tree wells were dug around each tree to hold and concentrate water at their bases.  Once testing, the trenches will be filled and leveled.

Master Bedroom 10

Rooms, Misc, Etc.

Master Bedroom

Closet doors:
Only the Spare room off the Front room had closet doors, it seems that there were no doors on any of the closets only curtains.
I installed folding doors on the Master bedroom and Spare room closets, also the utility closet near the rear door.

Garage a

Garage Area:
1. All the fluorescent light covers were removed cleaned and a majority of the bulbs had to be replaced, including the garage door opener light bulbs.
2. All hooks, nails, brackets, tables, posters, racks, etc had to be removed, and sections had to be repainted, all holes and destruction created by rodents were repaired
3. A workbench had to be built with shelving below and above on the west wall, and also shelving in the north wall for storage.
4. Weatherstripping of the garage doors had to be remounted, much of it had been dislodged it's original mounting.
5. The garage door openers actuator brackets were breaking away from the door physically, were reparied. New blinds purchased and mounted on all the windows.